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Competitively priced, Special Assets & Timberland Legal Services employs a wide variety of proven tactics to produce results for its clients. It provides consistent and daring legal services for those most in need, so that they can attempt to save as much of their family or business’s assets for the future. In short, we are the best call that you can make a year before you may be facing bankruptcy.

Although each case is unique, in general, the Firm litigates aggressively over the course of several months or years and through fast-paced and hard-nosed negotiations achieves real results.

In addition, we provide a full range of legal services including title opinions, contracts, easements, etc. with regard to rural real estate or timberland.

Special Assets & Timberland Legal Services is affiliated with Timberland Harvesters, LLC and can draw upon the experience of its professionals in its legal pursuits.

Timberland Harvesters, LLC

Since 1982 Timberland Harvesters, LLC. has bought, managed, and sold some of the finest hunting, timber, and investment property available in the southeast United States. All properties are owned exclusively by the owner/seller.

Timberland Harvesters, LLC employs more than 20 professional foresters with backgrounds in various aspects of property management. Receiving awards and credentials from the Georgia State Legislative and Sierra Club for forest management, Timberland Harvesters is highly qualified and is a reputable management and planning source for your forest and land management needs.

The forestry staff can carefully analyze your market opportunity and value, directing you to right properties, given your particular investment strategy. Good advice is helpful, but great advice can be invaluable. Put our experience to the test for your next investment or property venture.

Property is available in areas for the hunting enthusiast, and is ideal for hunting ranches or weekend getaways. If investment property is your interest, a steady stock market for investment in land makes our properties ideal. Get ready to watch your assets grow before your very eyes. No matter your interest in the property, we have the location for you. Call us today for more information on the properties available.

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Special Assets
Debtor’s rights
Rural/Timberland Real Estate Contracts & Litigation
Residential Real Estate Contracts & Litigation
Trust & Estates Litigation
Employment Disputes

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